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The Athletic Club

The following is the constitution of the Atal Behari College Athletic Club:
1.  The Club shall consist of members of the staff and students with the Principal as Ex-Officio President.
2.  The Executive Committee of the Athletic Club shall be called “The A.B. College Sports Council”.
3.  The A.B. College Sports Council shall consist of:-
a)  The Principal as Ex-Officio President.
b) A member of the teaching staff nominated by the Principal as its Vice-President.
c) Three members of the teaching staff including Officer in-charge nominated by the Principal as members.
d) The physical Education Teacher.
e)  A Secretary and an Asst. Secretary to be elected by the students at the Annual College Election.
f) One representative from each class (Arts, Commerce & Science) counted separately.
g) Two women representatives from each stream elected/nominated.
h) Captains of Football, Volley ball, Cricket and such other organized out-door games as might exist in the college.
4.  Election Rules:
a) All class representatives as well as the Secretary and Asst.   Secretary shall be elected at the Annual General Election.
b) The election to different offices of the Athletic Club is open to all the students of the college.
c) The class representatives will be elected or nominated only by the members of the class which they represent.
d) The Athletic Council will elect/nominate representatives and also the Secretary in case there are vacancies owing to one or more members of them leaving the college during a session.
e) The Captains of each outdoor game shall however be nominated by the President, the Vice-President and the Physical Instructor of the Club.
f) Vice-captains of each outdoor game shall be nominated by the Captains of the representative teams in consultation with the Vice-president of the Club.
5.  Tenure of Office:
a) The Council’s tenure of office shall be for one session only.
b) The Vice-president shall carry on the work in the following session till the elections takes place or he may nominate another Secretary to carry on the work until a new one is elected.
c) If the work of the elected Secretary is found to be unsatisfactory he might be asked by the President to resign and another Secretary nominated by him shall carry on the work till the next election.
d) If a Captain absents himself from the field continuously for fifteen days without sufficient reason he will be ipso-facto cease to be captain.
e) The (Foot-ball/Cricket/Volley ball/Kabadi) Captain elected in the previous session shall continue to be the Captain till the next election, if he joins in the following session.
f) If the (Foot-ball/Cricket/Volley ball/Kabadi) Captain elected in the previous session does not join the college in the following session the Vice-captain elected in the previous session shall serve as Captain in the following session till the elections are held.
g) If both (Foot-ball/Cricket/Volley ball/Kabadi) Captain and Vice-Captain elected in the previous session do not join the college in the beginning of the session the Vice-president shall nominate a captain till the next election is held, if he finds that  work  cannot  be  managed without a captain.
6.  Work of the Council:
a) To consider the Budget prepared by a sub-committee consisting of the Vice-president, P.E.T., Secretary and Captains.
b) General management of the Club.
c) Promotion of games and sports among students.
7.  Work of the Vice-president:
a) He will be in charge of A/C and all correspondences in connection there with including the indent and purchase of sports articles.
b) He will be the general supervisor of games.
c) He shall be the Chairman of all of the sub-committees which will consist of lecturer in charge of games, the P.E.T., the Secretary and Asst. Secretary.
8.  Work of the Secretary:
a) He will convene all the general body and sub-committee meetings.
b) He will organise college games and sports with the assistance of the Captains and Vice-captains of the respective games and the Asst. Secretary.
c)  He will conduct all correspondences assigned to him by the Vice-president.
d) He will prepare and read out the Annual Report in the annual prize giving function of the Council.
9.  Work of the Asst. Secretary:
a) He will assist the Secretary in discharging his official functions.
b) He will discharge the duties of the Secretary during the absence of the latter.
10. Work of the Captain:
a) They will select players for friendly and competitive matches.
b) They will in charge of grounds set apart for games in their charge.
c) They will assist the Secretary and Asst. Secretary in the organization of College games.
11. Neither the Secretary, nor the Captain shall arrange any match unless he/she has obtained the prior approval of the Principal and the Vice-president.
12. The work of the P.E.T. :
The P.E.T. shall perform the following works under the direct supervision of the Vice-president (D.P.I. Orissa’s Letter No. 36548 dt. 14.8.80)
a) To maintain the following registers:
i)   Invoice Register.
ii)  Issue Register.
iii) Subsidiary Cash Book.
iv) Guard files for the Vouchers.
v)  Stock Register.
b) To attend all correspondences and maintain files.
c) To prepare students to form a college team for all types of competition at University/State level.
d) To look after the play ground.
e) To do such work in connection with college games and sports as the V.P. assigns to him.
13.The funds of the Club will constitute :
a) Annual contributions from the students as Athletic Club fees at the time of admission.
b) Annual contributions from the students as University sports fee at the time of admission.
c) Other contributions/donation/aid and Govt. grants received by the college.
14.     The Principal shall be the administrator of the funds and the final authority in matters relating to the Club and the Council.


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