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Drama Society

  The following is the constitution of the College Drama Society.
1.  The Name of the Society shall be “Atal Behari College Drama Society”.
2.  The aims and objects of the Society are:
i) To encourage the cultivation of Dramatic art among the members by arranging theatrical performances by any other means incidental or conductive to this, as the Committee of the Management may from time to time determine.
ii) To administer the funds that may be available for the achievement of the aims and the ideas of the aforesaid show.
3.  All students of the college are members of the Society.
4.  For the management of all the matters connected with the Society, there shall a Committee of Management.
5.  The Committee of the Management shall consist of:-
i) President - Principal (Ex-Officio)
ii) Vice-president - A member of the staff nominated by the Principal
iii) Associate Vice-president - A number of the staff nominated by the Principal.
iv) The Secretary and Asst. Secretary - To be elected by all students of the college from among themselves.
6.  At the beginning of each session election shall be held to the different offices at the Annual College Union Election.
7.  After the election is over, there shall be a meeting of the members of the Society. In this meeting the accounts of the previous year shall be received from the outgoing Secretary and newly elected office bearers shall assume office.
8.  Committee of management shall perform the following duties.
a) Decide the drama to be played and fixed the date or dates of performances. The decision shall be subject to Principal’s approval.
b) Prepare and pass the budget for the year.
c) Have the expenditure in connection with the drama audited within 15 working days after the starting of the drama.
d) Meet from time to time to decide all other matters connected with the Society.
9.  Furtherance of his duties the Secretary shall convene meetings and keep a record of the proceedings of these meetings and keep all the accounts of the Society up-to-date.
10. The Principal may alter, amend or abrogate any or all these rules at his discretion.



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