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College Hostel 

1. Seats in the Hostel will be allotted by the Hostel Committee.

2. Admission to the hostel will be on the basis of merit.

3. Hostel admission is for one academic year only.

4. The cases for re-admission at the new academic session will be decided on the basis of conduct in the college and their performance in the college/University Exam.

5. No boarder shall leave the hostel unless he /she obtains the permission of the Principal. An application for the purpose shall be made through the superintendent of the hostels who will ascertain that all dues of the hostel have been paid by the boarder before forwarding the application with a clearance certificate. In case of minor, the application shall be made by the parent or guardian.

6. If a boarder wishes to return to hostel after Summer Vacation he/she must inform the Superintendent of it in writing when he/she leaves the hostel at the time of vacation. Ordinarily no one who fails to secure a good conduct certificate from the superintendent will be re- admitted.

7. The hostel will remain closed during the puja and summer vacation. Boarders wishing to remain in the hostel during the puja vacation must receive special permission from the principal to do so.

8. The internal management of the hostel will rest with the Superintendent.

9. The roll call will be taken at least once daily at the time specified by the superintendent.

10. There will be fixed hours both in the morning and in the evening for study and meals .No borders shall ordinarily be allowed to leave his /her room during the study hours.

11. No boarders shall be absent from the hostel after 6 P.M.

12. The Superintendent will be responsible for the maintenance of discipline in the hostel. He has power to punish boarders for breach of discipline. All cases of gross misconduct must be reported to the principal.

13. The following will be considered breach of discipline.

a) Absence from hostel without leave.

b) Continued neglect for study.

c) Want of cleanliness and tidiness in the rooms. d) Spitting about the rooms and verandahs.

e) Singing or playing on any musical instrument except during specified hours.

f) Too loud and noisy behavior.

g) Frequent absence from the hostel during night roll call.

h) Writing on or in any other way disfiguring the walls, doors or windows of the building.

i) Misconduct of any other description.

14. The Superintendent will maintain a conduct register in which the names of boarder will be entered in case of serious misconduct. Gross misconduct on the part of a boarder shall also render his /her liable for remove from the hostel.

15. A student may be removed from hostel on report of the Superintendent for habitual or gross misconduct.

16. Absence of leave will require the sanction of the Superintendent .The boarders will be allotted different responsibilities such as messing, gardening, praying etc, by the Superintendent.

17. The mess in the college hostel will be controlled by the hostel authorities with the assistance of the Mess committee . All boarders are members of the mess. The member of the mess will take their food in the Dinning Room attached to mess. Meals will not be served in the rooms of Boarders.

18. The boarders must clear their hostel as well as mess due within 15th of each month, failing which their meal will be stopped from 16th till they pay up the dues. A fine of Re. 0.25 per day will be raised from the defaultiong boarders till she clears up the dues. However if she pays the dues within that particular month a fine of Rs. 5/- will be realized from her.

19. Boarders are entitled to get refund of their meal charges only when:-

a) They are absent from the hostel on leave for more than four continuous meals and

b) They inform mess manager about it in writing ,stating definitely the period of their absence. refund for absence from meals will be adjusted to the accountant of every individual boarder in the next month.

20. All collections will be made in the college Cash counter.

21. Mess affairs will be managed by the mess committee which will consist of the Superintendent and mess representatives. The mess representatives will be selected by the Superintendent. It will change every month room-wise.


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