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Welcome to Atal Behari College

National Service Scheme


The main objective is to develop the personalities of students through community service. Other objectives are:

(a) Understanding the community in which they work.

(b) Understanding themselves in relation to their community

(c) Identify the needs and problems in the community in solution of which they can be involved.

(d) Develop among themselves a sense of social and civil responsibility.

(e) Apply their education in finding practical solutions to individual and community problems.

(f) Gain skills in mobilising community participation.

(g) Acquire leadership qualities and democratic attitude.

(h) Practise national integration.

2. The “MOTTO”; “NOT ME BUT YOU” 3. No. of N.S.S. Units : There are

3 (Three) N.S.S. Units. 2 (Two) Boys units and 1 (One) ladies unit. The nominal strength of each unit is 50 (Fifty) Volunteers. 4. Who shall be a member ? (a) He/She shall be a student of this institution. (b) He/She must have the attitude and motive in social & voluntary activities. (c) He/She shall continue as a student volunteer at least for 2 (Two) years (d) He/She should bear a good moral character. 5. Activities of N.S.S. : Two types of camping programmes are undertaken (a) Normal Camping Programmes.

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