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Day-Scholars' Association

The constitution of the D.S. Association (Non-Boarders’ Association) is as follows. :-
1.  The name of the Association shall be Day Scholars’ Association (Non-Boarder’s Association)
2.  The object of the Association is to take up such activities as to foster a spirit of fellowship and co-operation among the day scholars (non-boarders) of the college.
a) To organize annual competition of elocution general knowledge etc.
b) To celebrate Pumas.
3.  All the day scholars (non-boarders) of the college will be members of the Association and will pay an annual subscription of Rs. 5 /- each, which will be realized along with the college dues with admission & re-admission.
4.  There shall be a Censor of the D.S.A. (N.B.A.) appointed by the Principal from among the staff.
5.  The Censor of the D.S.A. (N.B.A.) shall be ex.-Officio President and shall preside over all meetings of the Association except the annual meetings. He may appoint a deputy from among the members of the staff to take his place as President if he is unable to attend meeting. The Principal or his nominee will preside over the Annual General Meeting of the Association.
6.  a) There  shall  be a Secretary, an Asst. Secretary and class representatives elected from among  the day scholars of the college at the Annual General college Union Election.
b) The Secretary with the approval of the President shall organize all functions of the Association and shall be in charge of meetings and correspondence. In the absence of the Secretary, the Asst. Secretary will do the work of the Secretary.
7.  There shall be an Executive Committee consisting of :
a)  Censor
b)  The Secretary
c)  The Asst. Secretary
d)  One student representative from each class, science, Arts & Commerce sections of a class being counted separately.
8.  The funds of the Association shall be under the direct control of the Principal. All expenditure incurred by the Association shall be subject to his approval and scrutiny.
9.  The Principal shall be the final authority in all matters relating to the Association.




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