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Student's Common Room

1.  Besides Staff Common Room, there are two common rooms, one for men students and the other for women students of the college where they can retire and relax. They are provided with indoor games, newspapers, magazines and journals for the benefit of the students.
2.  Each student subscribes Rs. 5 /- towards the Common Room fund every year as per the instruction of the D.P.I., Orissa.
3.  Its working hour is regulated by an Executive Committee (both men and women students together) which consists of:-
i) The Principal (Ex-officio) President.
ii) Professors-in-charge of Common Room nominated by the Principal.
iii) The Secretary and Asst. Secretary of the Boys’ Common Room and Girls ‘Common Room are to be elected by the men  students and women students respectively.
iv) Election to fill up the post of office bearers is to be held at the annual College Union Election.
4.  The fund is under the direct control of the Principal and expenditure is to be incurred on the recommendations of the Professor in-charge of the Common Room.



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